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Use the PPLE method and be more successful

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      • 21% of all projects listed on crowdfunding sites around the world never even get off the ground. That is, not even one cent is pledged to their campaign.
      • 90% of the projects that hit 30% of their target go all the way to meeting and often exceeding their funding target.

 Which result do you want?

The wide difference between these two scenarios is not random chance. It is largely due to the attention given to the campaign, not by the crowd, but by the project creator.  That’s you!! What do you want today?

Kickstarter Power by Marty Koenig






















The PPLE method for crowdfunding is PLAN. PREPARE. LAUNCH. ENGAGE.  The last three phases of PPLE complete the whole enchilada. Get beyond the planning stage and get into action! Order the whole guide now:  KICKSTARTER POWER: The Ultimate Kickstarter & Crowdfunding Campaign Kit
It works for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub, and many more. Kickstarter has the most limitations, so the stories are based on that, but the PPLE method works with any reward-based crowdfunding campaign.
  • The “Plan”phase is the foundation for a successful campaign.
  • The “Prepare” phase contains exactly the items you absolutely must do if you want your campaign to work. It’s a long list, but spelled out for you.
  • The “Launch” phase contains everything you need for the Launch Phase of a successful campaign. Notice most of the tasks are in the Planning and Preparation? You can’t go into this unprepared.
  • The “Engage” phase contains the complete list of strategies you need to continue relationships with your participants.
If you want to toss a Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub or other crowdfunding campaign up on a site like you do when you sell a TV or car on Craigslist, it absolutely won’t work. Because you found this site, I want you to have a couple very important things to help you crowdfund: They’re yours to keep even if you don’t buy anything from me. I usually sell these separately for $19 each, but I want to get these into your hands.
Ultimate kickstarter campaign kit roadmap plan checklist

Special bonus #1: Determine Your Kickstartable Score.You can use this to find out if you and your project are Kickstartable.

Special bonus #2: Comprehensive List of over 400 Crowdfunding Sites. You can use this list to find the crowdfunding site that another crowdfunding platform would be better for you.


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