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When you have a well thought out, well planned Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign, you get a much better chance of getting funded and reaching your crowdfunding goal. Executing on the plan or Kickstarter checklist is the fuel that turns your social capital into money capital. That’s what Eric Migicovsky did with Pebble. He raised $10M+.

An awesome product helps, too. Figure out who are your fans and who are your evangelists. They all have their own networks that you’ll want them to tap. It’s a network of networks game.

I found this great video about a Kickstarter crowdfunding checklist, road map, plan, plus lots of additional advice. It helps you get funded on Kickstarter. 120 things to consider for a successful Kickstarter or crowd funding campaign.

See these: Get my “Ultimate Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Kit”, a checklist, plan, roadmap that contains over 120 items, advice, and tons of information so you can launch a successful campaign and get money. Don’t let things fall through the cracks. Get free information that will help you succeed in your Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign. Get insights on crowdfunding. Tips, guide, industry stats. Get executive level thinking and doing for your business. Here’s a little about who I am.


Here’s my startup roadmap checklist and plan: